Common Sense or Not Common Sense?

Kumashiro defines ‘common sense’ as the norm that reflects that particular society. For him, common sense was the United States definition of education, which was viewed as more superior than that of the Nepali. Hence, why the Peace Corps sent him there to “help” bring “better” change.

It is important to pay attention to ‘common sense’ because it is rooted in culture. It is something that we rarely ever question because it is considered the norm and as a culture we have made it a tradition and going outside of that is would challenge the status quo. Unfortunately ‘common sense’ is also rooted in oppressive behaviours and in order to understand that in the first place, we must question and challenge it.

source: (Kumashiro. (2009). Against Common Sense: Teaching and Learning Toward Social Justice, pp. XXIX – XLI)

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