Living Treaties as kihci-asotamâtowin – Weeks 4 & 5


During these weeks, I found myself more open to Indigenous ways of understanding than ever before. As we were learning in our seminars, I took bits and pieces of information that were brand new to me and it helped me challenge my privilege. For example, during one of the seminars, we were asked to fill out a form to buy land. But it was in a completely different language. I could not even fathom having to do go through that. This too me back to the complexities of naming, but also of how important language is. I am challenged to be a teacher that does not only rely on my first language to teach every student. I am going to have students in my class that will come from different cultures than myself, and some will without a doubt speak another language. It is my responsibility to learn what I can as a form of reciprocity. Does it scare me? Yes, because it seems impossible. But I think just taking one step at a time is realistic.

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