Feed Me!

As I was searching for new blogs and websites to follow via feedly, it started off slow. I wasn’t sure who or what I should follow. A part of me was worried about whether the source would be credible enough. It took a few hours, but I decided that I would need to look at the source first before simply following just any blog with a name or description that I like.

I decided on creating a few new feeds since last week. The first one was a feed specifically related to learning Hebrew; for my Learning Project. These sources allow for daily word learning and even some phrases. I then made a feed related to parenting. Because I am a mother of an 8 year old, I imagine there is a lot of good articles or posts out there that can benefit me in my desire to grow as a mom. Which I believe will also help me grow as a future educator.

Lastly, I decided to create a feed specifically related to culture. By culture, I mean cultures other than what I was raised in. This is a bit of a broad term, and I am aware that even within, let’s say Indigenous culture, it can be narrowed down more directly to a tribal culture. However, I found that following some sources like Indigenous Action Media and APTN News is a great way to ally with the Indigenous communities within Saskatchewan and Canada, by listening to their voices, as both of these sources are run by Indigenous people specifically.

Included is a picture of the different feed categories I created, as well as one of the feeds from Culture, which happens to be Briarpatch Magazine that is located out of Regina, Saskatchewan.

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