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I thought I would start my blog post with a little humour.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way. I would like to talk about my thoughts on Twitter. It is a great tool for accumulating a PLN. What is a PLN you ask? Personal Learning Network. A Personal Learning Network is a great way to interact, learn and question those who you may have similar interests with. For example, as a future educator, I have been encouraged in this Educational Technology class to engage in Twitter by following other educators. I have chosen to follow different people based on a similar interest like Anti-bias Education or Social Justice in Education. This experience has given me an opportunity to learn from those who are my peers but also veterans in the field. I would see this is a form of Professional Development in itself. But, Twitter could be used to simply promote Professional Development opportunities for local teachers as long as they are following Saskatchewan Teachers Federation.

As for Twitter in the classroom. I have yet to experience it as an educator, but I have experienced it as a student. And my favourite experience, thus far, has been the EdTechEthics and CdnEdChat. This was a great opportunity to learn and hear from other students who are also in an Educational Technology class. It was pretty cool as the chat was live, and the students were from varying provinces across Canada. We even ended up trending in Canada! Some of the other students mention different apps they have used and will use in the classroom like Kahoot, Quizlet and Seesaw.

Since I am studying Middle Years Education; I tried to think of some ways that I could use twitter in the classroom. Here are some ideas:

  • Posting student work
  • Posting assignment due dates
  • Students can communicate and ask questions about assignments with one another, but as a teacher, one would also be able to interact
  • Students interacting with other students from different parts of the city, province, country or even world (so they can learn from another perspective)

2 thoughts on “Twitterverse

  1. Hi Alicia, I agree with what you said about the PLN and how useful it can be. Twitter is such a massive universe, it is able to connect us with people from all over the world who share the same interests which can lead to great collaborations. Love the use of humour too, well done!


  2. Hi Alicia, I think its neat how you even added some extra links for us to check out, and I think your right its a great to tool to share things with our students/ share our students work with parents and others. and also love the little comic strip!


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