Au revoir!

This was without a doubt, my favourite part of EDTC300. Learning about new resources, creating a personal learning network, encouraging others and being encouraged to grow in return.

I experienced all of those things while using Twitter, Blogging and Zoom. I had the option to use Slack, but I didn’t find myself going in that direction when I needed guidance. I am grateful that I also had the opportunity to work alongside an EDTC400 mentor. Although I did not utilize that tool either, I am appreciative that it was another tool in my toolbox of resources learning about Educational Technology.

I feel that Twitter has been the most impactul during my experience in this class. I was able to connect with fellow classmates, but also those who are in different classes at the University of Regina, and also in other parts of Canada and even the United States education system. It is inspiring to know that there are educators out there that have the same educational goals and philosophies, and that we can all learn from one another. Even those with differing views, we are still able to learn from one another. That is where the real grown happens! Being challenged.

Here are some ways that I have contributed to others learning, as well as learning from others.



Blogging was not the easiest for me when it came to the learning project, because I chosen something a bit too challenging. However, network learning posts were much more engaging for me because I actually understood what I was reading and writing. Definitely easier in English.

I have to say that going through some of these past contributions to the learning from others and contributing to their learning, I know that there could have been a lot more to learn, but with the circumstances of what is happening in our world right now – it is important to give ourselves grace and know that we tried our best. Just because this semester is over, it doesn’t mean that we have to stop learning from one another and connecting. We are blessed to be in the digital age where even when we are stuck inside, we have many opportunities to reach out to others and the world with just a click of a button!

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